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David Appleby, M.D.

Dr. Appleby retired from doing surgery at the end of 2011 and immediately joined Paragon Orthopedic Center.  His practice now is founded upon his vast knowledge of problems which people have in their upper extremities.  He offers consultations and non-surgical care to this array of disorders.  He tries to sort out the complex diagnostic problems which other doctors and patients themselves bring to him.  Dr. Appleby knows that every condition which he sees is special to the patient involved.  So he has tried to give folks time to state their story and to offer back clear and complete explanation of his impression and recommendations.  With this approach he has for years shown his respect to the personal nature of an individual’s situation.  He hopes that by taking this tack, he can give people value for the time they spend in his office.

On a personal note, Dr. Appleby has a loving family including his wife and two daughters.  They have all been active members of the community.  The children attended the public schools of Grants Pass and have worked with organizations which enrich the people of this community.  Dr. Appleby and his wife came to our community after having, between them, lived or attended school in many different regions of the US.  Their lives have made them residents in Illinois, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Alabama and North Carolina.  But they chose to live the rest of their lives in this corner of Oregon because they appreciate the small town nature of Grants Pass, the natural beauty of the local environment and the deeply rooted values of their neighbors.