Phone: (541) 472-0603 | 702 SW Ramsey Ave. Suite 112 | Grants Pass, OR 97527

James R. Van Horne, M.D.

I use cutting edge technology and technique, but temper my use of them. I make sure what I do is not merely a “Fad”, but based on research and long term outcome studies. I spent much of my life involved in research involving human aging, herpes viruses, AIDS, human organ transplantation rejection, spinal trauma surgery and instrumentation, smart metals and scoliosis, developmental deformities of children, and FDA joint lubrication studies. Because of my research background I use all sources of information and learning to continually improve and perfect the care of total joint patients.

Most patients come to me for their total joint because their physician sends them or they have met one of my satisfied patients. Patients with quick recoveries, good surgical experiences, and long lasting total joints are my best advertising.

Many patients are sent to me because of failed, infected or painful total joint replacements. They come to me from all over southern Oregon, coastal Oregon, central Oregon, and northern California. My experience at Harvard, my practice in Oregon, and my extensive connections with other total joint surgeons, makes me one of the best suited surgeons in the region to care for patients with these difficult problems.

I grew up in coastal California. Biophysics at U.C. Berkeley and then Masters Research in veterinary virology at U.C. Davis was my starting point to medical school in Philadelphia at Hahnamann University. Playing rugby, writing computer software manuals, selling computer software, and researching human DNA repair got squished in the middle. I met my wife in Philadelphia and we went on to New York for my orthopaedic surgery residency. Two children later and a stint at the Springfield MA Shrine Hospital, we moved to Boston and Harvard. There I developed my skills in joint replacement and was a trauma attending at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

We came to Grants Pass because southern Oregon needed my skills and we needed a beautiful place with lots of outdoor activities to raise our three children.