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Patient Appointment Instructions

Office Address
702 SW Ramsey, #112 Phone: (541) 472-0603
Grants Pass, OR 97527 Fax: (541) 472-0609
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Office Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Making Appointments
Paragon Orthopedics sees patients by appointment only. Please call us to schedule you for one. While we make every effort to honor your time commitments, occasionally emergencies may require a delay or rescheduling of your appointment. We will inform you of these delays or changes as soon as possible. Please check in at the front desk upon arrival. If you have questions regarding your medical condition or care, please call our office. Our staff members have been trained to answer many of your questions. They will also relay your information to the doctor and your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.

Items Patients Need To Bring To First Visit:
-Patient Information form
-Medical History form
-Notice of Patient Privacy form
-Financial Policy form
-Any previous x-rays or imaging studies
-Insurance information/cards

Financial & Insurance Information

We are committed to you and your medical care. It is our sincere desire to assist you with the financial aspect of your medical care. The fees you are charged varies with the complexity of your problem and the length of time required to manage your condition. You may incur charges for physician fees, x-rays, cast work and special procedures.

We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients; therefore, payment is due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. As a courtesy, we will bill most primary and secondary insurance companies. We accept all major credit cards. Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at (541) 472-0603. Many times, a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings.

After Hours Emergency Care

A physician is available for emergency calls 24 hours a day. The answering service will forward all messages to the physician on call. In the event of a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go directly to the emergency room. Please note that no prescriptions will be refilled after hours.

Prescription fills

Please contact your pharmacy directly for prescription refills. They have all the information needed and will contact our office. Prescriptions will be refilled Monday through Thursday during normal business hours. Please do not wait until you are out of medication to contact your pharmacy. No prescriptions will be refilled after hours or on weekends.

Disability/Insurance Forms

Disability or insurance forms can be prepared in our office. While we try to complete these as soon as possible, it may take up to 10 (ten) days to complete these forms. There will be a $15.00 charge for each form completed to be paid at the time the form is presented.

Medical Records/X-rays

Your medical record (including x-rays) is kept strictly confidential. Except as specified in our Notice of Privacy Practices, we will not release your information without your written consent. Should you wish your records or x-rays be sent to another party, please contact our office. Please allow time for preparation and mailing.

Surgical Scheduling

If surgery has been recommended, our office will be contacting you. Many insurance companies require prior authorization prior to scheduling surgery. It is important that we have accurate insurance information from you. Our office will work with you to coordinate all appointments and insurance requirements. If you have any questions regarding your surgery, prior authorization, or pre-surgical appointments, please contact us at (541) 472-0603.

Cast Care
Casts should fit snugly, but not too tight. There may be skin discomfort around the hand/foot, but should not become raw or painful. Please call our office at (541) 472-0603 if you have any questions about your cast.
Click here for cast care instructions.