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Paragon Patient Portal

Information at your fingertips 

The Paragon Patient Portal, powered by NextMD, is a user-friendly online interface that allows you to interact with our physicians and medical staff whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. The Paragon Patient Portal gives you access to important health information, keeps you informed about test results, ensures accuracy and security, and makes it easy to interact with our office staff from just about anywhere, 24/7.

You can rest assured, knowing that our Patient Portal is secure, confidential, and in compliance with HIPAA regulations that protect the privacy of your personal health information. The system we use for the Patient Portal is the same system we use for our electronic health records system.

With our Patient Portal You May:

  • • Request appointments
  • • Request prescription refills
  • • Send secure messages to the office staff
  • • Request your health record
  • • Receive test results
  • • Fill out paperwork in advance
  • • Pay your bill online

View the Paragon Patient Portal Instruction Booklet below:

Turn the page by clicking on the bottom corner.

Click here to view the Paragon Patient Portal Instruction Booklet as a PDF

How do I access the Paragon Patient Portal:

If you need an account, just ask one of our friendly staff members to help you get started.

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